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Our parent brand and surname is created from select vineyard blocks with more single varietal wines. These wines may see more new oak and more time in the barrel, allowing for more complex ageability.

Current Release:

Library: (no longer open for public sale)

2013 Grenache

2012 Sprezztura

2012 Syrah

2013 Fearless

2013 Mourvedre

2013 Viognier 92 points, Wine Spectator

2011 Tempranillo 93 points, Wine Enthusiast

2011 Grenache 89 points, Wine Spectator

2011 Sprezzatura

2011 Nicholas' Syrah 91 points, Wine Enthusiast

2010 Grenache 90 points, Wine Spectator

2010 Sprezzatura 89 points, Wine Spectator

2010 Orellana 92 points, Purely Domestic Wine Report

2009 Sprezzatura 93 points, Rhone Report

2009 Entre Nous 90 points, Wine Spectator

2012 Grenache Sharon's Vineyard 90 points, Wine Spectator


Our sibling brand is estate fruit as well but with more blending throughout certain blocks, less new oak if any and wine that will be accessible at an earlier age. Wines that can be enjoyed upon release at a price point that would suggest an every day wine.

Current Release:

Library: (no longer open for public sale)

2014 del papa

2013 del Maggio

2013 g minor 92 points, Wine Enthusiast

2012 del maggio 89 points, Wine Enthusiast

2012 g minor 89 points, Wine Spectator

2011 g minor 89 points, Wine Spectator / 91 points Rhone Report

2013 del papa - White Blend

2011 del Maggio 90 points, Wine Spectator

2013 Octave c6

2013 Zinfandel 

2016 Neophyte