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From the moment the idea took shape to produce premium, small lot wines, we have stayed focused on the land, the fruit, the wine, and the life. With that in mind, our mission is to produce fine wine, from exceptional grapes, grown in a high altitude setting. As we continue to learn about balance and harmony, and their relationship to winemaking, we consider the individual elements from which wine is derived: soil, water, fruit, and craft. From the composition of the soil, to the handling of the grapes, our wines speak to this relationship.

From appreciation to production: the genesis of Baiocchi Wines

How does one go from skydiving to winemaking? Very carefully, my friend, very carefully.

While it was not a traditional path, it was my path.

My passion for making great wine was born from a passion for enjoying it – namely, with friends, after many successful skydiving and base-jumping adventures.

Learning to appreciate and enjoy fine wine led to an education in viticulture and winemaking through the U.C. Davis Extension Winemaking Program. During the same period, I gained valuable, practical experience via hands-on work at two Northern California winemaking properties: Miraflores Winery and Big Basin Vineyards, where I had the honor of being mentored by Proprietor and Winemaker, Bradley Brown.

My hope is that my friend who opened so many airplane doors for me, as well as many bottles of fine wine, finds himself someday sitting with friends, post-jump, enjoying a bottle of Baiocchi wine.

The Baiocchi Family

They say genetic traits can skip generations. I would argue that passions can as well. This was the case for my father, who grew up watching my grandfather, Maggio Baiocchi, make wine. While the smell alone was enough to dissuade my dad from following in his father’s footsteps, it was not enough to keep me from doing so. As a boy of five or six, I remember watching my grandfather in his basement, working the old equipment. The sights, sounds and smells of watching my grandfather make wine are still vividly alive for me today.

Many decades later, that long dormant seed in my soul was watered, thanks to my wife, Sharon, who opened my eyes not so much to the person I was supposed to become, but the person I came to rediscover. Now, our son Nicholas is preparing to enter the family business after completing a formal education in Wine Business Management.

We hope you enjoy Baiocchi Wines as much as we have enjoyed the long, strange and beautiful trip it has been getting here.

Greg and Sharon Baiocchi
Greg & Sharon Baiocchi

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